Comedian Natalia Gul Jilani Receiving Gang-Rape Threats After Her Skit On Sindhis


Natalia Gul, member of an all-female comedy troop Khawatoons, is receiving gang-rape threats and extreme hate on social media.

Dentist and stand-up comedian Natalia made fun of Sindhis in one of her shows, which caused an outrage. It’s important to note here that Natalia is Sindhi herself and her skit falls under a category of comedy known as self deprecating humor. It is often used to point out important societal issues while making yourself the scapegoat.

Her comedy skit ‘Sindhi Encyclopedia’ seems to have been taken the wrong way. She used the stereotypical “hairy and horny” joke about Sindhi people.

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Natalia said,

As a Sindhi, I’ve drawn on my experiences for skits often and I’ve never faced such backlash with any real audience. Even in the video, you can see people in the crowd were enjoying it”

The Facebook comment section on her video is full with terrible stuff. People are posting hateful comments, swearing at her and giving her death and rape threats.

It got so out of hand that Natalia had to deactivate her facebook and go private on Instagram while she waits for things to cool down.

The Circus, an online entertainment channel that purchased the content from Natalia and had posted the video issued an apology after taking it down:

In the light of recent backlash, we have taken down the video in question.

Posted by The Circus on Monday, August 20, 2018

Natalia released an apology on her twitter page too:

She also released an apology video:

The whole situation screams hypocrisy. First of all, because of the treatment females get if they dare express themselves using their art. Secondly, how comedy is taken so seriously.

If only we took issues that matter this seriously, we would be leaps ahead as a nation.



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