Nawaz Sharif Finally Flew To London But People Cant Get Over His Departure!!


Life for Nawaz Sharif has been topsy-turvy ever since Panama papers made rounds on the global arena. After he was convicted by the court Nawaz has spent his days in the gloomy imprisonment cell with only small visits out to the hospital due to his ill health. Recently however, his health deteriorated briskly. After being diagnosed with an immune system disorder, the medical board suggested him to go abroad for better medication. As a convicted person Nawaz’s name was on ECL which the government was hesitant to remove. However, the Lahore high court came to the rescue and ordered the officials to remove Nawaz’s name from the ECL thus handing over the parchment of freedom to him.

While it was a moment of joy for Nawaz’s supporters, the decision didn’t go well with most of the people they can not stop mocking the PML-N leader for “escaping”.

People are blaming the LHC for allowing him to escape and have rage pouring out on the whole judicial system.

People are also dubious about his return after four weeks, as per the order.

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A few also think that this whole low-platelet feat was a complete deception.

The whole scenario also makes one understand how contrasting the justice system is for the rich and the poor.

Even the international media can’t seem to grasp the judicial system of Pakistan.

Whether or not this whole scheme of things was an exploitation of the nation once again is yet to be seen. We hope that the PML-N leader will revive his health and come back to face the allegations thrown at him and will live up to his claims of “mout ko tarjeeh doun ga bhaagoon ga nahy”: I will prefer death rather than escaping. 





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