Netflix Is Releasing A Show About “DAJJAL” And People Are Freaking Out!!


The popular streaming website Netflix is now a universal entity. Movies and seasons released on Netflix have lured a huge audience globally. Along with original productions, the website showcases several popular shows that were once telecast-ed on TV channels, giving the fans an opportunity to live through them time and again.

Now the streaming service is about to release a new show about “Dajjal”; an evil figure in Islamic eschatology.

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The trailer for the show dropped by a few days ago. It will commence on January 1st, 2020.

The 1:58 min long trailer shows the appearance of Dajjal and the enigma that follows since then.

People have actually freaked out over this announcement.

Some people think it is our duty as Muslims to delete Netflix after this.

However, some managed to find wit amongst all the concerns the trailer has created.

This girl has a pretty distinct view of Dajjal.

Since the news of the show flowed in the #Dajjal is a global Twitter trend.

In various traditions, a number of locations are associated with the emergence of the Dajjal, but usually, he is said to emerge from the East; between Syria and Iran. He is usually described as blind on one eye, however, which eye, is disputed. Possessing a defective eye is often regarded as giving more power to achieve evil goals.

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