New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teasers will give you anxiety!


Samsung just posted three ads on their YouTube Account and each ad targeting three biggest nightmares faced by Smartphone user. How Samsung plans to resolve these three issues with there Galaxy Note 9 remains to be seen. We have attached all three videos for you to see.


1: Battery Life!

After the Note 7 exploding fiasco, Samsung didnt risk adding larger batteries in their future smartphones. Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus and the Note 8 both had average size batteries. We hope they are confident enough to add larger batteries this time around.

2: Storage!

Majority of smartphone manufacturers are removing Micro SD slots and offering different storage capacity phones, Samsung is still offering memory card slot for storage expansion. They even offered two storage variants in Note 8 lineup. Will Samsung offer 256gb over the last year’s 128gb built-in storage? Only time will tell!

3: Speed!

We know Samsung Note 9 will come with two different processors for different regions. The new Exynos processors and the Snapdragon 845 chip-set. Rumors say that the Note 9 may come with 8gb ram to make multitasking even faster.

How do you feel after watching these teasers? Anxiety or excited for the upcoming phone – Tell us in the comment section below!