Imran Khan’s Newly Appointed Ministers & A Little Something You Didn’t Know About Them!


So the change is here. Balkay tabdeeli aa nahi rahi tabdeeli agayi hai!

Due to the inefficiency of the old team, there has been massive reshuffling by PM Imran Khan in his Cabinet and the latest notification of the newly appointed ministers has been released finally.

Even though the Government kept denying, somehow already knew something was cooking up. Didn’t we?

Thanks to the media though!

So the new people have been added up to the list but the thing is that they are not so new. Here are the details of the newly appointed ministers that you probably didn’t know.

1. Firdous Ashiq Awan – Information Minister

Apa Firdous is known to all of us. She was a ‘huge’ part of Pakistan Peoples Party as well and served as a minister in their tenure.

However, a lot of us are not aware of the fact that she was named in the famous list of ‘150 MEGA SCAMS’ given to the Supreme Court of Pakistan by NAB. Firdous apa was the 7th of those 150.

Image result for firdous ashiq awan cricket

In 2014, where she was alleged of unlawfully engaging 12 government buses for her private use and illegally appointments in Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan. She was also accused of misusing authority and embezzlement in movable property.

Not just that, it was reported when she vacated her house in ministers enclave, she stole curtains, tv, and even tissue boxes and took them along to Sialkot. WOW! Hello information minister.

2. Nadeem Babar – Advisor to PM for Petroleum

Nadeem Babar sahab, the new appointment as the minister of petroleum has a history as well.

He also worked with Pakistan Peoples Party from 2010-2013 but was kicked out for his inefficiency and huge criticism from the opposition of that time.

It has been recently revealed that he is also a defaulter of 800 Million Rupees of SNGPL. 80 Crores!!! *faints*

So basically the minister is the defaulter of his own ministry. That only happens in Naya Pakistan!

Khan Sahab, why all the crooks?

Image result for gif why

3. Ijaz Shah – Interior Minister

Ijaz Shah seems like a cute, sweet uncle but that cuteness hides something behind it.

He is known to be the confidante of Pervaiz Musharraf also worked as director general of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan. Reportedly, he had close links with the terrorist organizations working in Pakistan at that time. Also, he was the one who gave shelter to Osama Bin Laden for years, had deep links with Al-Qaeda.

Not just that it is also being said that he had even conspired to kill Benazir Bhutto.

Uncle! Hamein aap cute lagay thay… :/

4. Azam Sawati – Minister for Parliamentary Affairs

I think everyone is aware of why he was removed as a minister a few months back. Well, if you don’t, let us remind you.

As a minister, he misused his powers to thrash and lock up a little boy and his sisters just because their cow entered his farmhouse.

Image result for azam sawati farmhouse caseAlso, he then removed IG of Islamabad just because he failed to take revenge from a poor family as per his wish and will.

Let’s see what other surprises this new government has in store for us.