Noor Bukhari Got Emotional Reciting A Naat And People Are Calling Her A Drama Queen


Religion finds its way even into the likes of notorious celebrities. Many famous & well-known people have put their career and popularity aside just for the sake of atonement and pleading for forgiveness for the wild and unimaginable acts they have been committing in the past.

When one’s souls enlighten with religion, there is no looking back.

As much as religion and faith is everyone’s personal matter, kuch logo ko khujli lagi rehti keh aya who banda waqee badal gaya hai ya nai. The door of judging one’s faith especially knocks on the door of celebrities since we all have been habitual of commenting on their slightest-biggest acts in the spotlight. Nai raha jatay ham say bhei!

Noor Bukhari who has been a film actress, stage actress, model and what not has been known for her bold and not so impressing moves throughout her professional career. What’s impressed the nation (well many) is how she has stopped herself to indulge in any more projects and redirected herself towards Islam.

Has the nation stopped talking about her?

Well… Noor Bukhari hasn’t been spared at all even after stepping into the circle of faith, she pretty much has been talked about many at times. From people judging her marriages (one after the other) or talking about how she let her abaya slide away when she was attending a ceremony etc.

What recently has caught people’s attention once again is how Noor Bukhari became emotional while Reciting a Naat:

People are apparently calling her a drama queen once again: