Oppo’s latest bezel less smartphone costs more than an iPhone X!


Oppo was once considered a mid-range budget phone category Smartphone manufacturer from China. But over the years with their camera innovation and taking the risk of bringing innovative changes to their smartphone lineup, Oppo has really established itself as a premium smartphone manufacturer.

Over years Oppo’s smartphone market share has increased substantially too. In Q1 2018 Oppo shipped 7% of total world’s mobile phone which is up from only 2.2% in 2015. Oppo is also the 4th Largest Mobile Phone manufacturer to just behind Huawei and Apple.

In April 2018, Oppo announced that they are going to bring a true bezel less phone in the market without a notch. At that time it was a bold claim, considering no one had manage to do it without a notch.

In May 2018 they announced the Oppo Find X – A phone without a notch and with 93% screen to body ratio. They managed to do so by introducing a slide-out front facing camera.

At a glance the phone looks like just screen and no fuss.

The camera module slides out each time you unlock your phone with face recognition. This moving part is said to be tested 300,000 times actual usage might go beyond that if you are a heavy user. With Oppo Find X they are really targeting the premium smartphone market with the likes of Samsung S9+ and Apple iPhone X.

Oppo also had an exclusive Oppo Find X Launch Event in Pakistan to introduce the mobile phone in local market. Here are some of the images shared by Oppo on their Official Facebook Page

Find X is now available in Pakistan through official dealers coupled with local warranty at a price of Rs. 129,999. That’s higher than the price of almost all Flagship Smartphones of 2018.

After the price announcement was made people were quick to give their feedback. Here are some of those reaction

“Chinese Brand”

Innovation requires R&D, R&D makes the production cost go up! and making a near bezel less smartphone is no easy task. Here’s one comment that sums it all.

What do you think has Oppo justified it’s price point or have they pushed it a little to high? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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