Outrage Over Governor Sindh’s Red Carpet Reception At Thar For Mocking Poverty


There is always a time to act in accordance with the on-going situation.

You can’t put a “bhangra” on someone’s funeral (albeit if the deceased has written in their will to do so) and you certainly can’t beat yourself up in someones happiness. If you do so, you are thrown out of the relation border which you once dearly had and are requested of never to show yourself again.

Makes sense though! Kyun aglay banday ka dil jalao jab dimagh ki batti apni ee fuse ho.

We all are humans and committing a mistake is not illegal but not using your common sense should be illegal for which planet we reside in, which nation we are embedded towards to…We owe an explanation everytime we act “stupid”.

Politicians… Ah! Reminds us nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and their phoney promises.

Recently, another shocking news infuriated Pakistanis because of our Governor of Sindh who recently paid a visit to Thar Region.

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Let us remind everyone who has been sleeping on Thar’s update that they still are settled in slums, poverty and are dreadfully just barely clinging on to life. Governor of Sindh came to Thar with protocol and “Lashkar kay Sath” to announce his arrival to Thar Region but that isn’t what Pakistanis and just about any man with some common sense would be mad of.

To a very disappointing beginning of his visit to Thar region, our dearly Governor of Sindh walked down a RED CARPET.

Image result for imran ismail thar

People are questioning the man’s ethics and common sense of why would he mock Thar’s poverty? Isn’t he already on a visit as a common man? Why would he accept to walk the “ramp”? Was he there as a show stopper? Ah, so many questions after his image went viral.

A backlash is on its way since photos of Governor of Sindh walking the red carpet went viral.

Here are the replies:

Telling lies … YES PAPA

*playing Tabdeeli aye re song in background*

The man has no shame! Period!

No one will be spared!

Our Governor of Sindh has not walked on only a red carpet but he has walked on Thar people and their sweat and blood who have been deprived of their basic rights to which HE himself vouched for and promised to but in the end he couldn’t hold himself from showing the man he is by mocking every last living man on Thar region.

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