Pakistani Gamer Boy Found Love Playing Online Games In Another Cross Culture Marriage & Yeh Hou Kia Raha Hai?


Where ties between the US-PAK governments are deteriorating, people to people relationships are getting stronger. This is nothing different than a bollywood movie jis mein maa baap (Pakistan & USA) love marriage kay sakht khilaf hotay hain even then the love birds find their way to each other.

Pakistan continues to remain in President Trump’s “bad book” US State Department issued an advisory advising its citizens to reconsider visiting Pakistan due to terrorism. On the other hand, American girls are flying off to Pakistan to marry desi men.

Looks like cross-cultural marriages have been gaining momentum in Pakistan too. Finding a soul mate through social media has become a new trend for Pakistanis. Internet surfing bhi ho jati hai aur shadi bhi. Cool. no?

Recently, Kashif Ali from Sialkot and Mohsin from Lahore have broken all the barriers of age, culture, race and language and married love of their lives from the WEST.





It doesn’t stop there. This Pakistani online gamer went one step ahead.

Online games kheltay kheltay inho ne aik american larki se shadi he kar li. 26-year-old Tanveer from Mandi Bahauddin and 38-year-old Fernandez from USA used to play online game together. Eventually, they fell in love and the girl didn’t take long to come to Mandi Bahauddin to marry Tanveer.

And we are just sitting here thinking yeh hou kya raha hai?

For Pakistani men, American girls are becoming favourite when it comes to marriage. Why? Aik toh gori biwi milay gi aur sath mein US ki nationality bhi. Phir chahay shadi pay maa baap bhi razi na hon.

On the other hand, what future does Pakistani girls have? We are not sure. Agar sab Pakistani mard bahir chalay gaye toh Pakistani larkiyon kay liye bhi doosri countries se rishtay dhoondnay parein gay. And God knows where this will lead us to!