The Way Pakistani Universities Handled These On Campus Deaths Is Making Everyone Sick!


Universities are supposed to be a confluence of knowledge and morality, where values and ethos are highly regarded. However, recent incidents have validated that here, Pakistani universities are everything but that.

In two weeks, two young souls have passed away due to the negligence of management and everyone is left wondering what is wrong with the values of those holding higher offices in these institutions?!

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At the end of September, 23-year-old Haleema Amin, died after falling from the fourth floor of a new Bahria university block that was yet to be completed. Despite being under construction, the university allowed the classes to be held in building ultimately leading to the death of the student.

People went berserk and expressed their concerns over the insensitivity of these institutions.

On October 4th Inam ul Haq, a student from COMSATS University lost his life due to Cardiac arrest. Fellow students have accused the University of negligence and they held the administration responsible for the student’s untimely death.

Allegedly, when Inam fell unconscious, no ambulance was available inside the university premises to take him to the hospital. On the other hand, when friends of Inam tried to bring in their own car to rush him to a nearby hospital the guards stopped them from doing so, declaring it against the university rules.

Moreover, when a faculty member who was leaving the parking at that moment was requested to take Inam with him, he brushed it off his shoulders saying “that’s not my headache”.

Like seriously????

Protests broke inside and outside the university immediately after Inam’s sad demise.



The mainstream and social media both went outraged over these events. There was pressure on management to take responsibility for their failures. But we all know little will be done to amend such behaviors in the future as the authorities are busy minting money in the name of education and making absurd rules of segregating boys and girls and deciding which dress is appropriate for students. Some even put their brains into how much distance should a male and female maintain between them.

While most merely know how to increase the fee per semester with extra charges, even though students are denied even the basic facilities. It is perhaps needless to say that Pakistani universities have now only become money making machines and we can apprehend what sort of values they must be conferring among their students.

We cannot anymore overlook the fact that educational institutions have swayed away from their essence of being the nurturers of the future. They have now become huge scams to earn money with no constructive value in society. And most importantly they are costing our lives now.

What more could happen before the authorities will come out of their stupor and do something effective for their students and their safety? Where is the government and education ministers? The deputy commissioners? Who is going to look into the matter and make these universities accountable?

All we can do is hope and pray that there will be no Haleema or Inam after this and things will change for better in the future.


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