Pakistanis Are On Fire After Watching Sana Fakhar Wearing ‘Itnay Chotay Kapray’


Pakistani actresses are known for being way too bold in everything. Kuch loag toh kehtay hain that they usually cross their limits just to get in the spotlight.

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Sana Fakhar is a famous Pakistani actress known for her boldness and fitness more than her acting skills. Happily married to actor Fakhar Imam, she’s a mother of two kids.

Recently, Sana was spotted in London wearing bohat he chotay kapray and we couldn’t believe our eyes for a moment.

As reported by Diva Magazine, she is shooting in London for Netflix.

Wait. Netflix?!








But Pakistanis weren’t really proud of her shooting for Netflix. Rather they grilled Sana for crossing the limits.




Khadim Rizvi kay baad…







Pant ghar bhool ayi hongi!




Point toh hai!





Lollywoodz betayyy 😀




Aur aik hotay hain liberals! 

Dekhtay hain Netflix mein kya gul khilati hain Sana aap.