PEMRA Orders TV Channels Not To Air Besharam Content & People Have A Lot To Say!


Pemra (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) is in action once again.

Reportedly PEMRA has warned all the TV channels to avoid airing dramas and shows containing controversial themes involving infidelity and extramarital affairs, anti-cultural stories, indecent dressing, and gestures.

According to the notice PEMRA sent to the media channels,

“The viewers have severely criticized content being shown in dramas these days. They are of the opinion that dramas are not depicting the true picture of Pakistani society. Indecent scenes, dialogues, extramarital relations, violence, inappropriate dressing, rape scenes, caressing, bed scenes, use of drugs and alcohol, intimate moments between couples are being glamorized in utter disregard to Pakistani culture and values.”

Like seriously?

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Here is the actual notice.

However this isn’t the first time PEMRA has taken notice of such type of content being aired, we have yet to see who follows the instructions.

This notice has divided the internet where one side of the people believe that this is total bullshit and against the freedom of expression.

I think we all are on fault!

Lagta hai sab molvion ko utha kay Pemra mein laga diya hai. LOL

On the other hand, another lot is lauding the step Pemra has taken and believe that besharam cheezain should be completely banned on TV.

Baat toh theek hai.

Aap kitni achi cheezain dekhtay hain bhai 😀

Legends they were.

It’s all about depiction.


Which side are you on? What do you think about PEMRA’s notice?