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People Are feeling ‘Sorry’ for Aamir Liaquat’s Second Wife

syeda tuba anwerr
  • People are feeling sorry for Aamir Liaquat’s second wife.

Why wouldn’t they?

First of all, she’s married to Aamir. That’s a good enough reason to feel sorry for her.

Second of all, Aamir allegedly cheated on his first wife Bushra.

That can’t mean anything good.

Diva Magazine posted a picture of Tuba Anwer, second wife of Aamir with the caption:

Meet #SyedaTubaAnwer, second wife of TV personality and politician, #AamirLiaquat.

The comments section of the picture speaks for itself. People were feeling sorry for her and also wondering why such a talented and pretty woman would marry a man who has proven himself to hypocritical and unloyal.

A user commented:

“Our condolences are with you lady….we know you have to face the wickedness and treachery of your husband everyday……”

Another said:

becharii andhii hy kia jo amir liaqat jesy sy shadi kr li”

The comments had endless condolences for her.

“Married to a tharki(est) brainless n multiple personality psychopath…. Beta thora time guzarny do khud bhag ge is pagal K pas se”

No one could understand. They only had one question: Why?

We have the same question. Can you help us understand?