People Are Furious Over Nadia Hussain Posting A Picture With A Caged Lion!


Pakistani elites are known for being super extra, but are they in the mood to give it a rest? Apparently not. That being said, renowned model, Nadia Hussain manages to be the target of public rage every now and then. Whether it is because of her many businesses, or personal opinions, she sure knows how to strike a media frenzy.

This time it’s a picture she posted on her Instagram, showing her family with a caged lion. And boy, are people mad!


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Seemingly, the model went to an outing with her kids to see the lion, named Simba and took multiple pictures and videos with the animal held in captivity. She also seemed proud of getting to pet the creature and having her kids play with it.  

With the augmentation of awareness all around, and people taking vital steps to promote a friendly behavior towards animals, it gave rise to a serious backlash on the model’s post, and they all unleashed their anger in the comments.

They called her a hypocrite, emphasized on how lions are not pets, and told her to stop promoting animal abuse!

They also mentioned how lions should not be kept chained this way and should be free in their natural habitats.

They all called her out on using animals for her entertainment, which is so not cool!

Also, these animals are no way in hell a prop for selfies!

Some were properly pissed and did not want to hear any of her futile lectures about her noble intentions.

Wow, some people have some intense ideas for Nadia…

Meanwhile, fellow model Zara Abid seemed to be fully in support and posted a comment commending the act.

Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see so many people raising their voice for the right cause. And that celebrities are being held accountable for their actions, especially on a public platform.

Following the immense backlash, the model acknowledged the fiasco and has posted a video in a follow-up post. She talked about how much of an animal lover she is, boasting about all the pets she has at home, and how she encourages her kids to love animals as well. She also talked about how she has conducted an entire interview with the caretaker, which will clarify the situation, and has asked her followers to look out for it.


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Let’s see how the scenario unfolds. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments if you have something to add to the story!