Pepsi VS Careem – Here’s Why The Feud Was Just A Marketing Stunt!


Careem and Pepsi took over twitter like a storm. How you ask? A feud! and trust me its not what you think it is…
The feud started a couple of days back, when Careem tried being nice to a customer by offering them a Pepsi because they didn’t have any promo codes.

and bus bhai phir to phadda shuru…

Pepsi, instead of being a nice guy, decided to play “The big boy” and asked Careem to stop using their brand name without permission. Have a look:

Careem, seeing Pepsi getting butt-hurt over such a trivial issue, took a jab at Pepsi and practically called it a “Sensitive” (jise hum rondu kehet hain).

Pepsi didn’t hold back and threatened Careem with a legal notice.

Warnings, jabs, talks of legal notices, this seems like a war right? Well, gentlemen you have been fooled.

A marketing stunt! Thats what it was.

Not only did both brands gain every individual’s attention but they also came up with a new promotional scheme jisko dekh kar Pakistani qoum pigal gai..

” 1million promo codes cant work like getting a crate of Pepsi off a shelf and giving it out for free.. Careem has to put that in their system so a user can avail them.. “

But even in marketing Careem, wasn’t gonna back down. It increased Pepsi‘s 1 million promo codes offer to 2 million. Its a win-win situation for us consumers.

Allah kare aise hi larte rahein hahaha.

You have got to admit it… what a way to do marketing!

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