Plastic Shoes Are Trending – But Wearing Them Can Cause Serious Health Issues!


Are you one to always jump the bandwagon of new trends? No matter how ridiculous they are?

You might want to sit this one out.

Plastic shoes are now trending. The trends have been picking up among celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Kristen Steward.

Not only do they look terrible, but they also seem very uncomfortable.

Take a look here:

They fog up from heat. In fact, plastic shoes act like their own transparent miniature ecosystems, with a perpetual film of condensation caused by perspiration film generated when bare feet get steamy.

How creepy is that?

But it’s not as simple as an ugly trend.

New York City-based podiatrist Dr Suzanne Levine explained that wearing shoes made of plastic can not only be painful but can turn your feet into breeding grounds for fungus and bacteria.

“Without any aeration, the moist environment can exacerbate pre-existing fungal conditions or bacterial infections,” she says, “in addition to increasing your risk for blisters.”

Basically, moisture and heat cause things to grow. Now you don’t want that, do you?

On top of those issues, having your feet sweat in plastic can make them smell terrible.

 “The non-breathable material leads to hyperhidrosis [excessive sweating] and bromhidrosis [excessive odour].”

Image result for bad smell gif

Not to mention that the clear material leaves your callouses and the inevitable blisters on full display. Not pretty.

That’s not including the fact that some people are allergic to plastic and may experience an allergic reaction, or rather, “hot foot”—a term that Positano uses to describe contact dermatitis, a skin irritation that can make the foot feel as if it is on fire.

Another deterrent to wearing plastic shoes is the fact that they are so rigid. There’s no room for flexibility.

According to studies, feet naturally swell in the afternoon and a person’s size can go up by 2. But plastic shows don’t expand when the foot does. A leather or hide show has the ability to expand a little. Another factor to note, especially if the sole itself is made out of plastic, is the lack of shock absorption which can lead to an array of issues—joint and bone pain chief among them—that can affect other parts of the body like the knees and back.

Not everything Kim Kardashian steps into has to become a trend. Some of it just isn’t good for you.

Image result for kim kardashian plastic shoes

But if you absolutely must wear plastic shoes, wear them after the sun goes down. And try to wear them for only a couple of hours at a time. Also, wear them when the event does not require too much walking around – definitely not when dancing is involved. This will prevent too much moisture accumulating and won’t be too hard on your feet.

But we suggest you skip the plastic shoes altogether if you know what’s best for you.


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