PM Imran Khan Invited Some Infamous You-Tubers For A Meeting & People Are Not Happy!


Pakistan is blessed with some exquisite content creators who have managed to influence a major part of the society and have garnered thousands of followers. However, some of them have been into hot waters due to their improper conduct in the past.

Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan invited famous content creators; including some well-known You-tubers, bloggers and social media analysts for a session on their role in the community.

People were glad to see their best-loved social media idols among those who attended the meeting.

However, a few faces amid them irked the Twitterati and they were left appalled that they even managed to get an invite for such a high profile event.

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People were fairly disappointed at Imran Khan for inviting Ukhano.

A few came to the PM’s rescue and pointed his oblivion to the whole Ukhano debacle.

Ukhano aka Umar Khan had been previously accused of indulging in sexual harassment by several women from his social circle. Many of them came up with screenshots of his conversations, where he was apparently being smutty. Of course, the travel vlogger denied the accusations but it caused a lot of discomfort within his followers and proved to be detrimental to his image.

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