This Post-Election animal abuse is haunting and barbaric!


We always heard that animals are savage and wild. Most of them have always been considered a symbol of terror and brutality. However the recent incidents of animal abuse have changed our perception regarding animals and humans completely. It seems like animals and human beings have exchanged their traits. We, the human beings rather monsters have become far worse than animals.

A few days before the elections a brutal act of torturing a donkey surfaced on the media. According to the reports, staunch supporters of a political party wrote the name of their political opponent on the donkey and tortured the poor creature afterwards.

The injured and crying donkey was handed over to an NGO and animal rescue team ACF and they told how badly it was beaten and tortured. Despite all their efforts to save him, the donkey couldn’t survive.

This donkey was reported to us from Gulshan-e-Iqbal. It appears he has been pelted and beaten on the head repeated by jagged edge objects or stones. His skull is completely visible, maggots have eaten all the flesh within it. His left eye has been gouged out. He was bleeding so profusely we had to let it flow into buckets. We ensured his bleeding has stopped, given pain killers, maggots removed and wound thoroughly cleaned.

ACF Foundation

In another video, worst aspect of humanity was displayed and it gave us goose bumps. Honestly, you need a daring heart to watch the complete video.

A white dog was wrapped in the flag of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and was shot multiple times in Bannu allegedly by the opposing candidate, Adnan Wazir’s of Qaumi Watan Party supporters.

However after the reaction on social media, the political leader, whose name was mentioned on the flag seen in the video clip, denied his involvement in this incident and said it was a mere conspiracy against him.

But thanks to the local police for arresting the culprits within 12 hours after the incident went viral.

The question is are we really human beings? Or monsters? Displaying our power by torturing and killing defense less animals would make us powerful? Certainly not! And if this is what we have really come to then the least I could say is that I am ashamed of being a human from now on.


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