President Arif Alvi Just Watched A Movie And People Think He Is Absolutely ‘Wayla’


President Arif Alvi tweeted his views on Jawani Phir Nai Ani and social media could not let it go.

From being called “wayla” to “farigh” and much more, people claimed that being President, he should not be watching movies.

Rather he should be concentrating on national issues. Who said the two are mutually exclusive though?

Some thought it was unIslamic of him to watch a film. Lol, what?

We’re pretty sure all of these people claiming films are unIslamic have watched much worse.

Some people said that the President also has a heart and wants to enjoy some good movies and should be allowed to do so.

Others thought his tweet was cute:

To be fair, his tweet was encouraging to producers and filmmakers all over the country. They replied their gratitude for his appreciation:

His tweet is rather innocent and unaware. There is nothing really wrong with watching a movie and appreciating national cinema once in a while as long as he does not overdo it.

He is just an old man enjoying some good films in his free time. Give him a break.