PSL2020 Kicked Off Last Night And The Memes Are Already Gushing In!


The official Cricket fever season i.e. PSL2020 finally commenced last night.With that we are about to enjoy some amazing cricket and also celebrate the fact that international cricket has returned to the home grounds after years.

The opening ceremony of the event was held in Karachi and people came out to relish it in huge numbers while the rest of us enjoyed it on our television screens.However many were left appalled at the ceremony itself which was not only passive but also chock full of technical faults.With previous ceremonies being the set standard,fans were expecting something bigger and better but were left utterly disappointed.And thus the nation poured out its discontent in the form of some savage memes.

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The evening was anchored by two hosts; Fakhar-e-Alam and VJ Ahmed Godil.

Although people are used to Fakhar’s way of hosting events like these,the VJ took everyone by surprise with his style(for all the wrong reasons).His tone and style of articulation imitated PM Imran Khan and people couldn’t handle it. 

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Heavy trolling followed VJ Godil after the ceremony. 

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Such brutal was the trolling that the VJ himself had to come out and answer the criticism ensuing him.

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Ahmed Godil 16 mins Two thumbs up for all the people who are trolling me and trying to mock me just because of pure jealousy and can't digest how someone can can reach till here but this is because of immense hardwork and dedication. Thank you for all the love, hate, respect, direspect and support!! In the end Mehnat kar hasadd na kar!'

Despite whatever that happened in the opening ceremony,we hope that matches and the return of the highly beloved game back to home will soothe our wounds in the coming days. Happy PSL2020 everyone!

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