PTI Ministers Have Delusional Ideas About Vegetable Prices & People Are Not Happy!


The recent vegetable price hike has thrown the nation off-guard. Frequently used vegetables like tomatoes are now sold at Rs. 200-400 per Kg swaying them away from the common man’s reach.

However, some PTI ministers are oblivious to the current price hike and are living in a perfect delusional world.

First up is Fidous Ashiq Awan-Special Adviser to the PM on Information, who thinks 5 kg pea sack is being sold at Rs. 100 while the actual price of 1 kg peas is just Rs. 5

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While the nation is surprised at the naivety of the minister, vendors strongly reject the claims.

A few days ago the finance advisor Hafeez Sheikh claimed tomatoes being sold at Rs17 per Kg while the actual market price of tomatoes is as high as Rs. 200-400.

People are appalled over the uninformed ministers holding important offices in the government.

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A few think the Minister has actually lost it.

Some people even came up with their own solutions to aid people to fight this price hike. Dahi to the rescue!!!

We are not sure if these ministers are indeed unfamiliar with the recent soaring prices or they just give out absurd statements to lighten the air surrounding tough questions from the journalists. We hope that the recent inflation wave will cease soon and people will have some relief in the near future.


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