PTI Seems Obsessed With Austerity Drive – Pakistani Awam Isn’t Buying It Anymore


Pakistani Awam has had enough.

They don’t want talk and on camera austerity measures. They want action.

PTI seems obsessed with showing off their austerity drives. But they aren’t doing much else.

Recently, the official twitter account of PTI posted a video, showing Pervez Khattak going to the Defense Ministry without any protocol.

Prior to this, Arif Alvi and Qasim Suri were caught on camera waiting in the queue at the airport without any protocol.

While this is great in itself, PTI really needs to stop showing off videos of leaders traveling without protocol. They should start focusing on other important issues now. Maybe they can take action against Imran Khan and Punjab CM Buzdar travelling in helicopters and private jets?

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The Awam has had enough too.

People on twitter replied to the video posted by PTI, telling them to do less talk and more work.

One user said:

What action has been taken so far on Buzdar family using govt jet and khawar maneeka episode.. dont divert attention from such gimmicks..

-@meetwahab via twitter

Another user asked an important question:

Why does PTI film everything? Is it really necessary?

-@qasim_rao1 via twitter

Most people were just tired of the protocol and austerity talk. They want some practical change in the country. Maybe something related to health, education or water?

PTI really needs to get its act together and live up to all their promises pre-elections.

The nation is getting tired now.