Ranveer & Deepika Are FINALLY Married And This Is How It All Began


It is rare but some fairy tales do come true after all; especially watching your favourite on-set couple on screen to pledge their marriage vows not only as actors but as a real-life husband and wife (off-screen).

There are plenty of stories that have captivated our gratitude after relentless wishing for on-set couples to fall in love and make babies as off-screen.

These days our eyes are focused on one couple in particular who starred as Ram-Leela, now are finally getting married as Mr and Mrs Ranveer Singh at a villa in Lake Como in Italy! *YAYYYYYYY*

Deepika Ranveer Wedding Decor – Lake Como

So.. How did they find love and where did this all begin from?

One question we all are dying to know. Well, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone expressed their love for each other in front of a crew while they were shooting for “Ang Laga De”. Ang ee laga di.. When the couples kiss scene was called cut by Bhansali, they still both couldn’t keep off from each other and everyone watched how Deepika and Ranveer’s intense kiss overshadowed everyone into silence. AWW!

The crew confirmed how the kiss and their little off-screen mingling was maddening and blooming altogether after the song.

What is amazing in this real fairy tale is that none ever expressed the names of another after the movie or declared themselves as a couple. Deepika didn’t talk much about whereas Ranveer used to slide in hints without ever mentioning Deepika’s name when asked about his romance life.

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When all suspicions were brewing, the couple who kept a low profile of dating one another still couldn’t resist the urge to see one another even across any seas and lands. Both kept travelling across continents to stay beside one another e.g. when Ranveer was in Europe, Deepika flew across to spend time with her bae in Barcelona whereas Ranveer also came after Deepika in Dubai while she was busy shooting for a film and the list goes on. Whether one was shooting while the other was free or both were busy, Deepika and Ranveer re-scheduled their timings always to stay beside one another to show their love and affection.

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With all love in the air… We surely can’t wait for the wedding photos that are reported to be shared by the couple themselves as they have landed a strict no phone policy for the wedding.

Although, being as fans and your well-wishers, it wasn’t too much to ask from you guys to share your wedding photos (if you don’t intend to share at all). We fans made you who you are and after all this sneaky relationship, its time to come out of the hiding guys…

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May your love be fiercer and your bond be stronger than any movie you have played out so far.