Sadaf Kanwal Is Facing Backlash On Her Instagram Post Because Of An Awkward Caption!


Words once were considered a sacred mode of communication, especially for celebrities. Not only were they entrusted with the obligation of maintaining a respectable profile but also using words that were deemed to not pose a threat to their popular existence.

In the present time, things have really progressed. Freedom of speech has allowed just about everyone to speak up as they want to. Celebrities have introduced this bizarre trend of not only speaking up about everyone else but about themselves too.

Sadaf Kanwal recently posted a picture of herself by an Awkward Caption.

So… the renowned Pakistani Model is praising herself?

Itna Ghuroor? Itna ghuroor toh chaand ko bhi nahi…

It’s one thing to feel good about yourself and find yourself beautiful,  a model needing to tell the world she is beautiful after being told on a daily basis she is by her followers is indeed AWKWARD.

Here is how Sadaf is facing backlash for her very own Awkward Caption:

Stay grateful!

Joke of the year?

Wanting a transplant of model brains? Here you go!

I bet your kaam waali would be on cloud 9 today.

Laila main Laila! Aisi hun maaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn (bakra’s voice) Laila!

Just in case she didn’t know, you told her!

Deepika has her Ranveer, Sadaf has ….?