Saifullah Kashmiri Is On A Mission To Clean Pakistan, From Khunjerab To Gwadar


We Pakistanis are awesome people. We do fun stuff, we do silly stuff, we are caring, emotional, patriotic. But we suck at one thing. And boy do we suck hard at it. We litter! Every Pakistani does this. Now is the time to change our habits.

We know changing habits takes a lot of work and a true inspiration. Let’s make a deal! I’ll give you your inspiration and you put in work.

Deal? Great!

Saifullah Kashmiri is your inspiration.

Saifullah Kashmiri, a 42 years old motorcyclist, is on a mission to change our rotten habits through his example. He is touring the country from Khunjerab to Gwadar on his trusty motorcycle and on his way, he is determined to clean as much of the garbage as possible. One man, doing everything he can to make us realize that we are destroying our country. Tell me this isn’t inspirational?

Saifullah Kashmiri, visits popular tourist attractions as well as public places and cleans. He just picks up a bag and starts collecting whatever garbage he sees. All of this effort for the sole purpose of making his homeland as beautiful and pure as its name. Pakistan which means “Land of the Pure”, is supposed to be a model for other countries on cleanliness. Do you see where we are going?

Take a stand, follow Saifullah’s lead and change your habits. Your little conscious effort can prove to be just enough to make our country as it should be. Clean, Pure and a land worth calling our home.

Efforts of people like Saifullah are the reason Pakistan is still going strong amidst all the troubles and tribulations. Pakistan needs more people like him.