Saima Saleem Pakistan’s First Visually Impaired CSS Topper

css topper

Saima Saleem is breaking all the stigmas surrounding disabilities and impairment.
There’s no stopping her.
She is a gold medalist from Kinnaird College and has recently finished 6th position in her CSS exams. She is now allocated in the Foreign Services of Pakistan.
She did all that despite being visually impaired!
She’s Pakistan’s first visually impaired CSS commissioned officer!
This was reported by Diva Magazine on their official Instagram page:

Saima’s twitter bio is as witty as is inspirational. She describes herself as:
1st blind Civil Servant of Pakistan-a diplomat with insight, not sight!
Saima’s brother Yousuf Saleem is also a gold medalist and topper in exams for Civil Judge and is currently serving as first blind civil judge.

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Twitter celebrated this heartwarming news:

A batch-mate of Saima tweeted:
Being a batchmate of Saima Saleem, I’m a witness to the fact that she proved that being physically handicapped is no a hindrance to achieving one’s goals. Inspirational!

This is truly a success story.
In Pakistan, and the world at large, there is not a huge amount of disabled people who can serve as role models to the young ones. Inspirational people like Saima and her brother are true role models!
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