Sara Khan Tenders Apology After Her Video With Comments Against Islam Went Viral


Sara Khan is an Indian Actress who is known for her bold scenes and cheap publicity stunts.

She even went nude.

But this time she went way too far and people are really offended.

Sara and Rakhi Sawant did a media talk a few days back. Wow! What a duo. Isn’t it? Koi dhamaka toh banta tha. So yes, they did a dhamaka¬†and said something that offended all the Muslims in the world.

This is what they said.

So Sara bibi thinks that muslim women shouldn’t cover their bodies and do pardah. Men should cover their eyes. And then she had the audacity to call herself a muslim. Yani koi sharam koi haya? But looking at the company you have, sharam haya ka aapse door door tak koi taluk nahin.

As expected, social media went crazy after the video went viral. Therefore, Sara released another video apologizing for her offensive comments.


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How convenient Sara. Sab kar bhi lo aur maafi bhi maang lo?

Looks like people didn’t accept her apology and are still offended.



Sensitive topics se ziada publicity hoti hai bhai.






Even Indians hate her for this.












Haha true!

Have you forgiven her? Tell us in comments.