A School In Texas Is Going To Be Named After Malala & Pakistanis Are Not Really Happy


Malala has made it to the headlines once again. This time it’s not just about Oxford or featuring in vogue. It’s a lot more than that.

Ever since Malala Yousafzai left Pakistan, Pakistanis have had a love-hate relationship with her. Some are proud of her while others are of the view that she is maligning her country’s image and being paid for it.

The girl is literally loved abroad.

She won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Got admission in Oxford!

Featured in the world famous Magazine Vogue.

Met stars from all around the world.














No wonder Pakistanis are jealous of her.

This time she has done something even bigger.

A school in Texas is all set to rename itself after Malala Yousafzai following a unanimous decision reached by the state’s district system.

Here is the committee’s decision.


They even want Malala to come and inaugurate the school herself. For that, they are trying to approach Malala.

While all the goras are lauding the decision. Pakistanis are still wondering kay itni mehrbani akhir kis khushi mein?

Some people still want that she should be honoured in Pakistan as well.

Aap toh CID niklay bhai!

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