Shaheen Chemists Islamabad Sealed For Playing With The Lives Of People & What The Hell?!


If you live in Islamabad you have been to Shaheen Chemists at least once in your life for sure but here is how they have been playing with our lives all this time.

Recently, Islamabad Customs officials under the supervision of Ayesha Wani, the additional collector customs, raided the godowns of Shaheen and Dwatson Chemists and recovered a huge quantity of fake food supplements.

It is being said that the raid was made on the basis of a tip. However, initially, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad denied any such news and said they are just checking the documents.

But then the videos of the raid went viral and this is what exactly was happening down there.

Local products were being stamped “Made in USA”.

Fake food supplements were recovered in a huge quantity.

After the videos and images went viral on social media, Shaheen Chemist was asked to show the requisite documentation to prove that they are selling genuine products.

Lekin Hua Wohi Jiska Darr Tha!

Owners of Shaheen Chemist failed to provide the documentation that means that the products they have been selling were either smuggled or were fake. Hence, playing with the lives of millions of people including children.

FIR was launched against the owner eventually.

Lekin story abhi baki hai!

Guess who is the owner of Shaheen Chemists? None other than the VICE PRESIDENT of PML (N).

Ever since this happened, there has been a huge outcry of the public on social media forums.

People are having serious trust issues now!

Some are saying the admin will come out of this clean eventually.

People are thinking all their stuff is taken from the famous Raja Bazaar of Pindi.

Have you been a regular customer of Shaheen Chemist too?


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