Shahid Afridi Delivered On Promise Which Imran Khan Could Not


Remember Mehek Anwer, the table tennis player who is currently suffering from cancer?

She was promised help by Imran Khan for her treatment but he never followed up on it. In fact, Fawad Chaudhry openly tweeted and said Imran Khan does not have the means to help her.

When sports journalist Abdur Ghaffar shared the video in twitter, tagging Imran Khan and Fawad Chaudry and encouraging them to take notice, Shahid Afridi responded, asking for the girl’s number.

The tweet was acknowledged by Shahid Afridi who asked for the girl’s contact number.

Unlike Imran Khan, he kept his promise and actually found the girl and provided her with the necessary finances:

While this is incredible, it is saddening to see the state of PTI and the current government who blatantly and publically refused to help the girl, even after they promised to do so.

Twitter appreciated Shahid Afridi:


Shahid Afridi’s organization, Shahid Afridi Foundation, has helped the needy many times previously. It built a hospital in Thar and started the SAF School Initiative.  They’ve also helped supply water in places where it was scare such as Tirah Valley where it also provided electricity.

It is incredible to see what one man’s effort can do for the country.

We hope Imran Khan fulfils his promises too.


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