Reham Khan’s Book Is Old – Shahid Afridi’s Biography Is The New Shocker!


The bold and outspoken cricketer Shahid Afridi is known for his straight forward and harsh statements. Lala has been in the spotlight for various reasons.

This time LALA has come out with his biography in which he tells his life story just the way he bats – harshly and with no holds barred. 

Afridi’s biography named as “Game Changer” is co-written with journalist Wajahat S Khan and published by Harper Collins India imprint Harper Sport. Foreword has been written by Wasim Akram.

Just like Reham Khan’s biography had stirred the nation with her revelations and inside stories related to various political figures, Shahid Afridi’s ‘Game Changer’ has sparked another controversy after he revealed the inside stories of the cricket world.

Here are some of the things lala disclosed in his biography about various Pakistani players and captains.

  1. “Waqar Younis and I had a strong history dating all the way back to his tiff with Wasim over the captaincy crown. He was a mediocre captain but a terrible coach, always micromanaging and getting in the way, trying to tell the captain – me – what to do… it was a natural clash and was bound to happen..”
  2. Talking about Javed Miandad, he referred to him as a ‘chota admi’ and talked about his dispute and disagreements with Miandad. He says that Javed Miandad despised his batting style and didn’t let him practice before his first match.
  3. Sahid Afridi also talked about his real age and said that he was 19 years old not 16 when he played his first match and Cricket authorities tried to hide his real age and created a controversy about it intentionally.
  4. About Salman Butt, Shahid Afridi says that he does not deserve to be the permanent player in Pakistan’s cricket team.
  5. Lala also wrote about Shoaib Malik and says that he was never fit to be made the Captain and called him ‘kaan ka kacha’ who takes wrong suggestions from the wrong people.
  6. Afridi also talked about Mazhar Majeed and said that he was conspiring against the team members and he had the evidence of it. He talked about it with the other team members including Yawar Saeed but they did not pay heed and were not bothered about it.
  7. Lala also talks about Imran Khan and says he is a big fan of “what Khan’s Naya Pakistan is doing with India. However, Imran Khan must do more about Kashmir. We have to resolve that issue. We have to save the Kashmiri people, and we must involve them in the peace process. Nobody in the Indian subcontinent has suffered or struggled more than Kashmiris…”

We still have to find out a lot more secrets revealed by Afridi in his biography that has already created a chaos in the cricket world of Pakistan.