Sham Idrees and Froggy Just Got Engaged And People Are Just Sick Of Their Dramas


People these days, the things they’d do in order for people to subscribe to their channels, be a follower and help them rise to stardom. In the present time, vlogging (making blogs through the mode of video) is a common practice around the world. Just pick up a camera and start rolling from your daily routine, hangouts and what not, people have started to make videos of themselves and what they do on a daily basis. DO people watch these videos, the answer is YES. It’s like you are part of someone’s life and watching them stroll about behind a screen.

Sham Idrees a social celebrity in Pakistan (residing in Canada), is known for vlogging on his Youtube Channel. Not only does he vlog but has made singles such as “Bolo Na,” “Pyar Hoa,” and “Fame and a Girl.” He has not only himself in the vlog but also Queen Froggy.

Latest news is that Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy just got engaged.  This all started with Sham Idrees’s dare of marrying her on the cost of people subscribing to his channel.

Biggest dare indeed.

On this bizarre dare journey of his, he has pranked his follower’s one after the other from proposing, asking Froggy to marry, breaking up with her and what not.

People grew tired and started to consider that this marriage was never going to take place after their non- stop dramas.

Somehow Sham has reached 1.5 Million subscribers, he broke the news on his Twitter account and Instagram of being finally engaged to Froggy.

Did Pakistanis buy this engagement announcement?

Here is what they have to say over his engagement:


Chalo jee! Behan bhai kee shaadi horhee hai?

Well, guess the world knows by now.

Well someone thinks it is a prank.


Ramazan anay dein bhei..Band hujayen gay

Yeh toh kuch ziada ee hogaya!

What do you guys think? Is Sham and Froggy playing another prank or is it real for this time? Let us know!