Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Picture? Shehryar Afridi Faces Backlash Over It!


Think twice before you speak… A common phrase often repeated and brainwashed into our minds. We might have been fed up from this statement but it holds more importance in our lives than we may imagine. Jo Buzurg kehtay, kisi wajah say kehtay and come to think of it, they have spent their lives exhausting over this, I mean why not just pay heed over this one statement.

Being a Minister of State for Interior Govt of Pakistan, a national symbol for being responsible for all internal matters regarding security, emergency etc. Sheryar Afridi sure is facing a lot of backlash since he didn’t bother to know his facts before blurting out a Tweet that is seriously messed up.

Sheryar Afridi … Care to revise your Tweet and let us know who you are even talking about first?

Addressing to a daughter of a Shaheed and posting someone else’s pic is absolutely wrong. The little girl is the daughter of another Police Officer serving in Haripur.

Pakistanis are trying to correct the Interior Minister but guess he is still adamant.

Her father is pretty much alive but is your conscience and senses even working at all?

Our Minister of State for Interior Govt is good for nothing.

What you need right now instead of support of this family and people to find the culprit is to actually help people tell you that your facts are even messier than your governance.

Let us share the real daughter of Shaheed Tahir:

The next time you address someone, its better to just post your words instead of googling the wrong image and portraying yourself as “savior”.