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Sheikh Rasheed Was Quick To Switch From AWAMI To SHAHI


It seems like so many PTI workers have been changing colors since being elected.

Starting with our very own Prime Minister Imran Khan. He is seen travelling in a helicopter going to and from his Banigala residence. Then there is our super simple Chief Minister Punjab who was spotted travelling in a private jet along with his family.

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Next is Sheikh Rasheed, our current Minister for Railways.

His change is a little dramatic.

Before elections, he used to roam around on a bike, meeting people and asking them to vote for him. The bike was apparently supposed to represent his simplicity and show people how relatable he is.

Not anymore, though.

Recently, a video circulating on social media show us the new Sheikh Rasheed – or shall we say, the real Sheikh Rasheed?

He was travelling in a car with protocol but that’s not the worse part. Staff accompanying him were seen throwing aside motorbikes of poor people standing on the road to make way for Sheikh Rasheed’s car.

It is interesting that all of PTI’s simplicity and anti-corruption stance ended the moment they won elections. It seems like they are taking full advantage of the power they have now and not letting any perk go to waste.

Is this Naya Pakistan?