Sherry Rehman is teaching Imran Khan austerity measures and people are not liking it


Those who are experienced will always try to teach those who are new to the industry.

Sherry Rehman has been the member of the Senate of Pakistan since 2015 and has been the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate since March 2018.

Of course she would be itching to point out anything she thinks is wrong with the upcoming government who has barely any experience at the federal level.

She took to twitter to say Pakistan’s budget deficit would not be reduced by token cuts or cutlery-counting.

The PPP senator and leader of the opposition was referring to PTI chairman Imran Khan’s decision not to move to Prime Minister House after his inauguration.

According to PTI leader Naeem ul Haq, Khan will be living in the Punjab House.

In his victory speech on July 26, Imran Khan said that he would opt for a simple life style to save the nation’s wealth. He further said that he will consider converting the Prime Minister House into a library or a university.

Earlier, experts have pointed out that this move can be counter-productive and that the Punjab House is too luxurious to promote austerity.

Ansar Abbasi wrote in The News:

It is one of the most regal and expensive public buildings with a master bed and suite spread over almost 10,000 sq feet at the VVIP floor. It is like an emperor’s suite with the best possible views of Margalla. The master suite has its own sprawling drawing room, walk-in closet, huge bathroom, and balcony. It has its own big kitchen. The same building is known as the CM’s annexe and also referred as A Block and VVIP wing. It has three floors. The top floor is the VVIP floor with master bed and suite. The second floor has four executive suites and the ground floor has a reception hall, two beds and a large waiting lounge.

Imran’s army on social media was quick to come to his defense and to shut Sherry Rehman down. And in the process, in true Pakistani style, they were sure to throw some disrespectful comments too.

Point toh hai bhai!

We never knew she had botox..


Most people seemed to disagree with her and reminded her that they had been in power and her own government did not implement this during their tenures.


We sense yet another Twitter war if someone from PTI responds to her tweet!