Shoaib Akhtar Called Himself ‘Don Of Cricket’ Aur Indians Ko Aag He Lag Gayi!


Shoaib Akhtar is undeniably one of the fiercest cricket players that one has seen till to date in the world of Cricket. He is rightly known as Rawalpindi Express.

Not only his performances have been up-to-par of what a real cricket player should be like but his bowling technique is what every bowler craves to have.

With all love and support for this cricket player, Shoaib Akhtar has landed himself into BIG TROUBLE.

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What has Shoaib Akhtar gotten himself into that Indians aren’t letting him go?

Well, apparently Shoaib considered himself as THE DON OF CRICKET on his Twitter account. Way to go Shoaib- Way to go!

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Indeed Shoaib, What have you done?

I bet this poor soul doesn’t even know DON himself.

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Claiming to be Don itself is just hilarious to anyone who has watched the movie/sequels and then The Don of Cricket is just…. Well, how do we even react to this?

We’d really like to know who even called him (as per post). Or was it his own fantasy to be called out as one and he just wrote up a status for people to start claiming him as DON? HAH

Nevertheless, comparing himself Don is hysterical, Indians came barging in his account with pitchforks and a whole lotta words that he may not like.

Indian’s reaction to this post:

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Shoaib said, Aur kis nay kaha?

Don hai ya nahi. Shoaib, hamein tum se pyar hai!