Shopping Malls In China Are Offering Single Ladies ‘Boyfriends’ For Rent & The Details Are Rather Weird!


Tired of shopping alone? Need a partner to walk around with? Need advice on what to buy?

A mall in Haikou, capital of Hainan, China is now offering a ‘Boyfriend’ on rent for 30 mins for as less as 1 Yuan.

These rented ‘boyfriends’ are offering a variety of services.

  • They will escort you around the mall
  • They will take photos of you and photos with you
  • They will help you carry your shopping bags
  • They will even advise you on what looks best on YOU!

Where else will you find such a great offer? Its an entire package on its own and girls are going CRAZY after it!

Handsome young men are displayed in glass shelves and are available on first come, first serve basis. Young women mostly in their 20s are ecstatic about this service and wait in long queues to get a chance. They can even scan a QR code to pay for the service!

It’s nice to have someone willingly follow you around the mall, right?

But wait a minute, there are some rules to it too! According to their policies, these men aren’t allowed to make any physical contact with the ladies under any circumstances!

Image result for dont touch me gif

This isn’t the first time that Chinese citizens can rent out unusual things. From umbrellas to phone chargers and basketballs, it’s all available on the click of a button. The boys, however, aren’t at a disadvantage either but girlfriend-sharing isn’t very popular.

So, girls, there’s no need to walk around in malls all alone now, pack your bags and move to China right now!