Governor Sindh Imran Ismail Is Going To Solve The Problems Of Sindh – Through Biryani!


If you are not a biryani lover, you will not be accepted in this world!

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Governor Imran Ismail ho aur khana peena na ho aisa mumkin nahi. Don’t worry about all the problems of Sindh because we are going to have them solved through Biryani!


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Not even kidding people. It’s official! The Sindh Governor House will host an international Biryani Festival every year.

Governor Imran Ismail at a lunch gathering organized by the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) announced this Biryani festival. He said,

“People are right about us being inexperienced in corruption, but we want to bring Pakistan out of debt.”

In order to increase the exports of rice, this festival is going to be held. Because according to the chairperson of REAP, “Rice exports had increased when REAP organized Biryani Festivals in 14 countries.”

Yani biryani khao aur exports barhao? Kuch connection samajh nae aya!

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Since the announcement was made, people on social media are talking about this move of Imran Ismail.

People are saying aur bhi dukh hain zamanay mein biryani kay siwa.

Others are trolling Imran Ismail.

Yar moo pay mat jao!

There should be a Keemay walay Naan festival every 5 years. Oh hang on… that already exists in the form of Election Day.


Some people are already excited about the festival.

What do you think about this move of governor Imran Ismail?