Smokers Cry Over The Term ‘Gunnah Tax’ & We Feel You Bro!


The PTI Government has recently imposed a ‘Gunnah Tax’ and Pakistani’s can’t stop looking for ways to wash off their sins.

As hilarious as it sounds, the ‘Gunnah Tax‘ is not applicable when you actually commit a ‘gunnah’

It is applicable to things people didn’t consider a sin… Its applicable to Cigarettes and Tobacco!

The Government has imposed a tax of Rs.  to Rs 15 on each packet of cigarette and our ‘Awaam’ has lost it!

Who cares if rates of petrol, gas, electricity and dollars increase? Cigarette needs to be sasti!

We definitely have our priorities in place! The Government definitely took this initiative to facilitate the health of their citizens but no! ‘We will not accept!’ People are having a hard time accepting taxes paid over cigarettes but isn’t it a great motivation for those who want to quit?

This law is basically being trolled on its name.

‘Gunnah’ tax? Seriously? How do we repent?! But worldwide, ‘Sin tax’ is referred to a tax on tobacco so it really is just an Urdu translation of the worldwide rule.

Apart from all the trolling, its a really great initiative taken by the government and if followed, can do wonders for our citizen’s health as all major diseases are due to chronic use of tobacco!