Social Media erupted in anger on Sara Taseer’s ‘elitist’ tweet against women voters


Sara Taseer, daughter of former governer Punjab Late Salman Taseer is known for her strong views about the latest happenings.

While the whole country was appreciating and celebrating the amazing women turnout specially in Balochistan, Sara Taseer tried to be a little different than others. While attempting to standout, her comments regarding women voters ended up erupting social media in anger. Here is what she exactly tweeted.

Love seeing this turnout of women , but then I think would I allow these ladies to make a decision even about what will be cooking in my kitchen today? And these ladies will decide on the future of the nation. Scary thought.

Sara Taseer


Although she deleted the tweet later on but it had already enraged people on social media. Thus, the criticism never stopped and people termed her of being ‘elitist’ and what not. Lets have a look.












Famous journalist Zarrar Khuhro also responded to Sara Taseer saying:

Reminder: ones wealth and social status is largely due to an accident of birth. However one’s true worth is determined by one’s own actions and words.
-Zarrar Khuhro




And the people started criticizing not only her but also the party she supports.


Designer jewerley? I always thougth it was jewelry. Nevermind!






Overseas Pakistani’s could not resist either.