Someone Has Been Hitting On Sharmila Faruqi’s Husband And She Has Finally Named & Shamed Her!


Remember Pakistan People’s Party loyalist Sharmila Faruqi’s wedding? Well, who doesn’t?

It was a big fat wedding!

Sharmila married Hasham Riaz Sheikh, son of former Director General of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Ahmed Riaz Sheikh. Sharmila and Hasham met in a cabinet meeting in 2010, and the couple has said it was love at first sight. How romantic!

It has been three years since they are married now. But, like every other couple, it looks like Sharmila and Hasham have also started having ups and downs in their relationship.

However, the reason is absurd. And it is Sharmila herself who has created a chaos on the social media about the private problems of her married life.

It’s about the other woman!

Sharmila has been publicly shaming this other woman who is allegedly after her husband. This is what he has said.

The woman is Sherry Jamali.

Sharmila has been publicly threatening her to take her hands off of her husband otherwise she’ll take her to cleaners.

And again.

Meanwhile, people are supporting her against Sherry.

Some are doubting her husband.

Some people are blaming it on the society we live in.

Although washing your dirty lining in public may worsen the matter but we still hope things get smooth for you Sharmila.