Step Aside Dr. Nauman Niaz, Award For The Most Sophisticated English Goes To This Civil Judge!


Dr. Nauman Niaz, nam hi kafi hai, haina?

Tell me what comes to your mind when you hear his name? I know what your answer is: his sports show on PTV where he flexes his Angreji muscles. And boy do those muscles turn heads (in despair that is)! No matter who he his talking to there is always that one look on the face of the one to whom these words are bestowed upon: ‘Bhai mera kasoor kya hai?’

Don’t believe me? Here read this:

Now look at your face.

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See, now you get it!

Well, it looks like Dr Nauman Niaz has some competition this time around.

Imtiaz Mehmood, a civil judge, when writing his resignation letter thought that his parting words should go down in history. And go down they will!

‘Ya to hum mars se hain jinko iski samajh nhi aye, ya ye banda’

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Don’t trouble yourself in trying to understand his resignation. Everything written above translates to,‘ mene ye nokri nahi krni, mera dil nahi kr raha’.

Unnecessary? Maybe! but that doesn’t matter. No matter if its Naya or Purana Pakistan, one thing remains certain ‘Pakistaniyon ka apna swag hai’

Meanwhile, Pakistanis are trying to understand kay yeh hai kya?

Hamlet ka bacha he lag raha hai hamein toh.

True that! 

Judiciary ko itna underestimate? Baba Rehmata kidr hai? 

Break ups se agay jahan aur bhi hain Pakistanio!

Peela rung hota hai ya school? 

O lagda Lahore da wa! 😀