Female SSP from Lower Sindh Led Operation Against Terrorist On Chinese Consulate & Woah!!


We are a brave nation. Courageous and resilient. Whether it is war, terrorism, sectarian violence, extremism, killings, instability, disorder, unrest or whether it happens to be the ravages of Nature – flood, earthquake, etc. We, as a nation, have come emerged to be even stronger each time.

Although, Pakistani society is known to be a patriarchal society, ruled by men. Even then Pakistani women have never given up their services and have always contributed greatly and achieved their goals in the face of overwhelming odds.

Suhai Aziz Talpur is one of those women who has made the whole nation proud against all the odds and hardships. She comes from a middle-class family of Bhai Khan Talpur village in Lower Sindh’s Tando Muhammad Khan district.








Today, she was the first person to reach the site of attack and led the successful security operation against terrorists that had attacked the Chinese consulate in Karachi. She rushed to the consulate and engaged the terrorists to stop them from entering the consulate building. Suhai, through her bravery, has set a new example today and we are proud of her.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and Inspector General Sindh Police lauded her for her courage.

“Suhai Aziz, you have set an example of bravery. These are the women who are ahead of everyone,”

Suhai Aziz Talpur, is an impressive story of strong will, great determination, and relentless hard work.

She is truly an inspiration for all. We are proud of you Suhai!