The Survivor Of APS Attack Topped His GCSE Exams & The Whole Nation Is Proud


Remember the APS attack? We all do. It still makes our hearts ache.

But remember the kid who witnessed his brother dying but survived the attack by playing dead?

Nawaz was 14 at the time and was shot in the arm but otherwise unharmed.

Four years after surviving a grave tragedy, he has topped the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams.

The whole nation is proud.

He announced this amazing news via his twitter:

β€œMy international GCSE exam result just came out and I am very proud to announce that I got 6A*s and 2As in all my eight exams. Thanks to my parents and all of you for supporting me. This is a big success for me and takes me many steps closer to my admission in Oxford Uni.”

Twitter took part in his happiness and celebrated with him.

Nawaz went through a huge psychological trauma after the APS attack. He lost his brother Haris in the same attack.

β€œI kept quiet and pretended to be dead. There was so much blood, my shirt and face was fully covered. They thought I was dead.”

Β β€œI always thought that school was a safe place, not a place where children would be brutally massacred. All I could see was blood and killing.”

It is amazing that despite suffering from such a terrible past, he was able to achieve his dreams and is so close to getting into Oxford. We’re all proud of him!


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