The World Record Egg Has Cracked & We Finally Know Who’s Behind It!


Breaking all the records, an egg has won and left everyone else behind including the most followed celebrities i.e. Kylie Jenner.

Damn! This egg. And we are still wondering akhir kyun?

We just got another shock after finding out that the genius mind behind making this egg so successful is of a 19-year-old boy.

According to Dailymail, a 19-year-old Indian boy, Ishan Goel, was the one who made possible the global success of this egg.

19-year-old Ishan said,

“the reason the photo did so well is because ‘the egg isn’t a person. It represents something bigger”

When asked about the secret behind the success of this egg, Ishan said, 

“I won’t go into too many specifics about the secret sauce, but I can say that I worked to garner attention for the page on Reddit, reached out to media really early on, and told all of the celebrities and influencers in my network to help push it. I would like to give all credit to the chicken who laid this egg. They were the spark. I was the gasoline.”

The egg has already won over 50 million hearts on Instagram in addition to almost 3 million comments upsetting all the celebrities out there.

Ishan has recently posted another egg from the same account but this one is cracked. Let’s see if the cracked egg makes a new record.


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