These Alia Bhatt’s Gully Boy’s Character Memes Will Give You Fits Of Laughter!


It has been just a few hours since Gully Boy’s trailer was released and the youtube views are already in millions.

After a long time, Bollywood is about to present the viewers a completely different theme. People are loving it already. Aur kyun na ho? Zoya Akhtar ki film hai bhai!

While people are absolutely in love with the trailer, Alia Bhatt’s character has caught huge attention all over the world. She is looking like a cute little girl in that hijab.

People are obsessed with Alia Bhatt’s attire so much that they have started turning it into memes. We have to say that these memes are pretty hilarious and will give you fits of laughter.

Before showing you the memes we want to you have a look at the trailer so that you can relate to the memes better.

And this is how people are relating the dialogues and expressions with their daily lives in the form of memes.

This one is hilarious!

Every time I google this!

People are relating the dialogues with Ranbir!

Relationships! LOL

Hate for Tiktok lololol

Same to same!!

How could we not relate it to GOT?


Pretty much this meme could fit in every situation.

Ummm okay…

Thanda pani in winters be like…

This tweet sums it up all!