These Models & Their Instagrams Are Perfect For Major Style Inspo


Poise, elegance, and allure. These are some of the major qualities nearly all of our models possess, which make them stand out in the industry. Although being super-hot, some don’t have the social media presence that goes with their charm. In the age of millennials, it has become crucial for celebrities to have a stellar presence on Instagram, and our models should follow the code.

Often so, we don’t have anyone to look up to when it comes style advice. In this comprehensive list of models with captivating Instagrams, you’ll find major style inspiration and trends of what’s up and what’s not. Read on to see if you find your favourites.

Eman Suleman

username: @eman_suleman

Of course, we had to start with the emerging queen herself. Socially aware, and a pro at everything she does, Eman Suleman will win your heart with her quirky captions, her daily shoots, and chic OOTDs. What make her stand out from the rest is her way of acknowledging everything that’s going on in the world, and combining it with her delightful sense of humour. 

Zara Peerzada

username: @zarapeerzada

Another one of our favourites! Her ever-evolving style has a nostalgic feel to it. Whether it’s ways to style short hair, or what outfits to don with a tinge of vintage vibe to it, Zara Peerzada’s Instagram has it all. Plus, who doesn’t love her adorable pictures with model bff, Eman Suleman? It’s a total treat on one page. 

Rubab Ali

username: @rubbab_ali

Rubab Ali seriously kills it when it comes to having a drool-worthy Instagram. Currently following a theme of three shots of the same kind, she makes sure her profile is catchy and one of a kind. Her eclectic style is loved by many fashion enthusiasts. Be it western attire or eastern, she makes sure she nails the look!

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

username: @saheefajabbarkhattak

The human embodiment of sunshine and everyone’s favourite has easily made her way into this list because of her Instagram and fashion sense. She easily scores high points with a clearly thought out theme of filtered pictures, plus her way with words in her (mostly) lengthy captions. And psst, who doesn’t love a little bit of PDA with Mr. Husband and vacation diaries? It’s a must-follow! 

Amna Baber

username: @amnababer

This fashionista’s daily shenanigans with style are such a delight to watch. Her selfies and high-end OOTD’s are always so on point. And her mirrored shots sure take her editing game up a notch. No wonder she’s one of the most sought out models in the biz right now.  

Abeer Rizvi

username: @abeerrizviofficial

With her avant-garde looks and ethereal appearance, looking at her would make you feel like she’s anything but local. Her shoots will show you an outwardly experience, and serious style goals! She scores a little low on the caption front, but who needs words when your outfits speak volumes! 

Our emerging talent in the modelling biz sure is on par with the rest of the world. Let us know if we missed some of your favourites!