These Sagittarius Memes Are So Relatable That You’ll End Up Hating Us For Knowing You So Well!


So the Sagittarius season is officially here finally! Let us tell you who you actually are if you are a Sagittarius. There is a possibility that you’ll end up hating us for knowing this much about you.

  1. You Enjoy Distance In A Relationship. Your freedom is very important to you. Yes, you are loyal but you need your space even if it costs you your relationships.

2. A Sagittarius would take literally two minutes to turn into a cold-hearted person. They stop caring right away if you ever give them a good reason to do that. You use it as your defence mechanism at times.

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3. You ignore your emotions hoping them to disappear on their own. Kuch feel hota hai toh hota rahay. Khud he feeling khatam hojaye gi.

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4. Jo jab karna hai woh karna hai. No matter what the consequences are. Sagittarius doesn’t think about the outcome of their decisions or actions. They do what they want when they want.

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5. Extremely lazy!

6. You just want to kill yourself for getting attached to people you somehow know will hurt you. You guys have big hearts.

7. You just hate being boring! Feeling confined is a no-go. Once the romantic phase of fluffy hearts and flowers has ended, a Sag may become bored. Want a sag to fall in love with you? Keep them surprised all the time!

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8. You cover up your sadness with humour.

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9. A Sagittarius may break all the rules but trust us when they really like you they will never break your heart.

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