This “Do Takkay Ki Larki” Dialogue From Meray Pass Tum Ho Has Set The Social Media Ablaze!


Hamayun Saeed starrer “Meray Paas Tum Ho” has been the talk of the town since its inception. The “not-so-loyal” portrayal of a cheating wife has been into a huddle widely. However, the novelty of the script, its execution and accurate demonstration of the characters by the main leads have been lauded off and on. The rating chart bursts every Saturday at 8 and the views on YouTube surpass every other production running on various channels.

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‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ aired its 12th episode which brought a lot of vitality to the story. The gold digger wife Mehwish finally bade farewell to her sunk-in-love husband Danish for a more well-heeled man Shehwar. While the nation mourned with Danish’s agony of betrayal, a particular dialogue from the episode stole the limelight of the day.

While seeing his tyrants off, the heartbroken Danish left a scathing remark for his ex-wife, “Es Do Takkay Ki Larki ke Liye Aap Mujhe 50 Million De Rahay Thay?”  and people have a lot to say about it.

Some people got bored with the overwhelming response to the jaw-dropping dialogue.

However, not all were in awe of the statement, calling it pure misogynist and calling it a reflection of the writer’s prejudiced views shown in a recent interview.

On a lighter note, people have started using the dialogue a way to vent out for the disappointments in their own lives.

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Despite all the opinions one can not deny that the flair of acting shown by the actors is remarkable. So far only three main characters and the story has garnered comprehensive popularity. It’s a typical story, narrated in an exceptional way. Kudos to the entire team.


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