This Girl Asked Pakistani Men What They Look In A Girl For Shadi & The Answers Are Hilarious!


Even though we live and deal with men all our lives but still getting to know them and understanding their psyche is a totally different ball game. Aik arsay say aurat mard ko na samajh saki and probably it’s true the other way round as well.

This girl anonymously tried to find out what actually men want in their potential wives. Her parents are trying to find her a suitable rishta but unfortunately, everyone is saying no and she is confused as heck.

So she decided to take help from social media and ask all the men out there what they actually look in a girl before saying YES.

Pakistani banday toh jitni shadiyan karein un kay liye kam hain behen 😀 But we would like to know too what goes on in their minds about it.

Guys tried to help the poor soul and replied to the girl. Some of the answers were super hilarious.

Wives he nag karti hain na bas? Mard toh saints hain! :/

WTH? Biwi chahiyay ya model? Show off!


And then mama’s boys like these!


Iska kya matlab tha bhai?

What do you think men want in a girl these days? Comment and let us know!